When this market closes, will it be between 60-70%?
resolved Jun 6

Inclusive. Will round based on chart!

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Pat Scott🩴sold Ṁ19 of YES
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Marcus Abramovitchpredicted NO

I'll tell everyone that my eyes are on this market. I have 88000 in mana right now with many many markets that I can sell out of to raise funds and I can pretty quickly build a script for this. It'll be quite hard to beat me on this market

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Christopher Randlesbought Ṁ7 of NO

Interesting players with little cash apparently going up against @Marcus Abramovitch

maybe he will forget to put in big no order.

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Pat Scott🩴predicted YES

@ChristopherRandles yeah, true, just hoping to turn him 😅

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Christopher Randles

@Stralor Perhaps it was unrelated but after my comment the % chance came down sharply. Maybe now Marcus Abramovitch has a profit it is more possible but selling out of that position will move the price to 47% and perhaps there is more room and profit to be made from 47% to 69% than there is from 12% to zero%. Could that be enough to make up for loss on selling out? Not sure haven't worked it out, but if the market goes any lower it might become a possibility.

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Pat Scott🩴sold Ṁ29 of YES

@ChristopherRandles agreed! I sold some of my YES at a loss to make it more enticing

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Christopher Randlesbought Ṁ0 of NO

Looking more enticing for @MarcusAbramovitch to change to buy. Takes just 96 mana pushing % to 23% to sell out of Marcus's position giving a profit and lots more to be made on the upside from 23%. (If anyone else buys it upwards then maybe Marcus will stick as no so very risky)