NFL 🏈 Week 14 - [Duos Queue]: Panthers and Texans vs. Saints and Jets
NFLβ€’Footballβ€’NFLβ€’NFL Week 14
resolved Dec 11
Saints and Jets
Panthers and Texans

NFL Regular Season Week 14

Panthers at Saints

Texans at Jets

Panthers and Texans vs. Saints and Jets

"Gosh Darn it!" the...Houston Texan yelled when he accidently selected duo instead of solo queue. Instantly he was matched with the Carolina Panthers who they could hear arguing with their mother about bedtime in the background. He figured they were screwed. Then the opponents popped up, the New Orleans Saints and the New York Jets. A brief google search revealed that these teams might just be related to disastrous events that occurred during the George W. Bush presidency. Maybe he could carry after all...

The Panthers and Texans win if their combined score is larger than the Saints and Jets combined score.

The Saints and Jets win if their combined score is larger than Panthers and Texans combined score.

If the combined scores are the same, this market will resolve as a Tie.

(Duos matches were picked based on same start time and close point spreads that either cancel each other out or come close)

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Saints and Jets (30+28 = 58) destroy the Panthers and Texans (6+6=12).

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