Will Jimmy Carter become a centenarian?
Oct 1

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For those interested in any remaining bumps along this road:

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And when he does pass;

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What does @NFL know 🤔

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@Arky It’s probably just profit manipulation for leagues.

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@NicoDelon Ah that makes sense

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@NicoDelon If so it’s a terrible idea

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@Arky I just think it's closer to a 30-40% chance at the moment, nothing else other than that.

@NFL Yeah but it’s also one of your largest positions!

@NicoDelon At the moment I have a 100 mana profit here, I don't think I'm going to bridge the gap to 100k mana. Lol


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Recently I am coming across some important information, there is no HIPPO violation here so do not worry for it! You must understand it for the market. 🩺

"The patient, a 99-year-old male in hospice care, is presenting with a rare and advanced stage of Chrono-Synaptic Dysplasia, a condition not previously documented in medical literature. This ailment is characterized by the asynchronous firing of synaptic neurons, leading to a temporal dysregulation within the body's cellular aging process.

Furthermore, the patient has developed a secondary complication known as Quantum Cellular Degeneration (QCD), where the subatomic particles within his cells have begun to exhibit quantum uncertainty, leading to unpredictable cellular behavior and accelerated aging on a molecular level.

Additionally, the presence of Hyper-Entropic Vascular Syndrome has been detected, a syndrome where the patient's blood flow paradoxically increases entropy within the body's systems, leading to rapid systemic degradation.

These conditions together have created a bio-chronological paradox, making it physiologically improbable for the patient to reach the centenarian milestone. Despite the best efforts of medical science, the unique convergence of these conditions in the patient's physiology makes survival beyond his current age highly unlikely, as the body's natural homeostasis is irreversibly compromised."

But what is the point of limit orders being cancelled due to lack of funds if they are sales? Not only did I lose Mana, but @Gen also lost out by buying fewer shares than he could have bought... All this, moreover, making the bots gain, competing against humans without having their limits....

Every day he bears the cross, but there will be no resurrection I believe and the cock is crowing two times at midnight if you are understanding it! Even Peter Navarro will eat the last supper but it must not be of the Chinese silk road import? No, America first!!!

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@Mirek 🙋‍♂️❓I have some questions.

@Mirek 1. What?

@Mirek 2. The fuck?

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@Predictor Quantum Gambler has gone insane

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@potatopenguin You are losing mind and markets! Do not question me!!!

@Mirek Do you think that Juan Vicente Perez Mora will reach his 117th birthday in 2026?

@RobertoSalazar Yes please.