What will be the valuation of the PROHASHING cryptocurrency mining pool?
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PROHASHING is a cryptocurrency mining pool that differentiates itself from other pools by focusing on transparency and compliance with regulations. It offers mining of all major cryptocurrency algorithms such as SHA-256 and scrypt, and switches between major coins like bitcoin cash, kaspa, and conflux to increase profitability for miners. Miners earn the coin of their choice or US dollars in their bank accounts. The pool has been operating since 2013.


Due to the bankruptcies of BlockFi, Genesis, and Celsius, the company has a large member's equity, but its assets are almost entirely illiquid bankruptcy claims. PROHASHING is in the process of seeking investors to provide liquid cash that can actually be spent right now, to expand and assist it through the next cryptocurrency cycle.


This market will resolve to the total valuation of the company from the best offer, excluding the bankruptcy claims which will be severed from the sale. The full valuation is not necessarily the offer price. If the entire company is to be sold, the resolution is the price. If 33% of the company is to be sold, then the resolution would be three times that price.

Investment is aggressively being sought, so the outcome will be clear before December 31, 2023, and the market will close that day. The offer does not have to be accepted for the market to resolve; it will resolve based on the offer's valuation.


The market will resolve to YES if the valuation is greater than or equal to $5,000,000.

The market will resolve to PROB if the value of the best offer is less than $5,000,000. The resolution will be the price of the offer divided by $50,000, rounded up to the nearest 1%.

The market will resolve to NO if no offers are received.

I am currently unable to determine a situation where the market would resolve as N/A.

If anyone is aware of a legal way to incentivize people with real money for hitting the exact answer, that also doesn't violate anyone's terms of service, please add a suggestion in the comments.

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RESOLUTION: It was decided to stop searching for a buyer.

There were 10 interested parties. None of them proceeded past a video call. There were no offers, so the business has no value, and therefore the value is $0, or NO.

Too long.

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