Will Manifold revive some way of going to markets for specific tags or an equivalent feature by the end of June?
Apr 23
M$0 bet
Manifold previously had a communities feature that enabled going to markets for specific tags. I found this very useful and have now resorted to use URLs like the following: https://manifold.markets/tag/AI. I suspect others found this useful too and thus am betting on it being revived in some form. This market will resolve as true if a feature gets rolled out before July 1st, 00:00 AM EST that enables me to click a link and navigate to all markets for a tag or equivalent rebranding of the same content.

Stephen Malina a month ago

Hm, this leaves me unsure about whether to resolve negative or N/A...

Sinclair Chen a month ago

https://manifold.markets/folds is still there but it's hidden We hid it because of low usage and low value relative to the the UI complexity. The main feed now curates a little bit per user, and search takes care of 90% of "I want to see markets about x" use cases. Tags do add some marginal benefit for curation, but at the cost of making it more annoying to make markets. I personally liked the community aspect of tags. I think we should lean into the social aspects of manifold more - but tags probably isn't the best way to do that either