Will Dune: Part 2 break $1b globally?
resolved May 2

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@SpiffySmolz resolves NO. Market closed and it’s at ~705m

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The market close date is April 1st. Is this meant to only track gross through April 1st? Or is that not the intended end date?

@Ziddletwix truthfully I picked a date that sounded good enough, there's no late global releases so April 1st looked alright

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@SpiffySmolz Ok hmm well i'm also a big fan of setting hard deadlines on box office markets (rather than dragging it out forever, it's not interesting in the long tail), but FWIW I wouldn't be surprised if Dune 2 picked up another 10-20% of its total box office after April 1st. My bet would be NO regardless, but if you want to give it a full shot to reach $1 billion, it might be worth giving it another few weeks (or til May 1st). (if you'd rather set a higher standard and require $1B by april 1st, that's also totally fair! but its box office run won't quite be over again) .

@Ziddletwix thanks for the input! I agree letting stretch out forever would be lame, I'll make that change.

@SpiffySmolz Sounds good! May 1st seems fair. (and doesn't change the bets i've placed so far, so that's fine)