Will my wife get a much deserved promotion before April 2024?
resolved Apr 1

My wife is the Associate Creative Director at a bizarre private company. They began as a marketing & advertising agency in 2019 and began raising private capital to become a SaaS company in 2021. The company's leadership is in shambles and bankruptcy before next summer seems like a realistic possibility.

My wife has risen quickly in the 2 years she's been with the company, largely becoming the golden child of her department. When the existing creative director stepped up to take over the broader management and business development aspects of the dept, a timeline was established for her promotion to full Creative Director (Fall 2023). With that timeline mostly having come and gone, the question is whether she'll get the promotion prior to the company going under. I've set the end of March 2024 as the resolution date.

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how’s this looking now @SpaceboyLuke?