Will Anthropic add voice support to Claude within ~3 months? (before oct 24)
Sep 30

I like Claude 3 and would commit exclusively to it if Anthropic added voice support like the one chatgpt has. If it happens before October 2024, I will resolve the market as yes. Slow and partial rollouts count.

PS: If Anthropic only adds a transcription feature like ChatGPT's, then the market will resolve 50%.

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I wrote a basic chrome plugin that lets you do this with whisper-3 API:https://github.com/gitmarkprojects/whisper_claude.git

will check it out!!!

Your 100% right this is the deciding feature for me as well, switched from 4o to Claude for good since I wrote the extension

now we need someone to create an extension to add browsing support and anthropic to increase the limit on the number of images you can share in a single chat then claude would be perfect :)

opened a Ṁ1,000 YES at 20% order

I added ~2k worth of limit orders between 20-30%