Will Google search default to a chatbot like interface by end of 2024?
Dec 31

In an article (https://medium.com/@owenyin/scoop-oh-the-things-youll-do-with-bing-s-chatgpt-62b42d8d7198) on the upcoming Bing changes, we see the following image:

Bing is pivoting to AI chatbot based search as the default. Will Google follow suit and also pivot to AI chat based search as the default by the end of 2024?

I will not be looking at worldwide, but judging it from the default American Google user experience.

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@jgyou with SGE on, Google generates a chatbot like answer to most queries, and the user is given the option to "converse" (One click). But the vanilla google search is below these results and can be accessed as before, without further chat.

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@jgyou Not my market but imo that should not count, it's presenting it as one of multiple options, not "defaulting" to it. Similar to how a menu with a chatbot option and a search option wouldn't count even if chatbot was the first option.

@Julian Agreed, it has to be default behavior.

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@jgyou SGE requires a Chrome extension so that is certainly not "default".

I/O Keynote that just happened seems relevant:

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I absolutely don't understand why anyone would want this, but I'm apparently the weird one because so many people I know evidently thought chatGPT was fantastic for this purpose even when it was regularly making stuff up.

The general public seems to really like the form factor of an oracle they ask questions, rather than getting information and coming to their own conclusions. This depresses me somewhat, but it's never worth betting against human nature.

I will however bet against google having a product that can reliably summarize information from search results by the end of 2024, at least well enough to consider replacing their default.