Draw an Emoji
resolved Jun 14
After resolution, if I think you did a good enough job of drawing at least one emoji I will resolve YES. Otherwise I will resolve NO. Jun 9, 1:03pm: To clarify, with the graph above!
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Sorry guys. Next time I suggest going for a pattern that sticks to the bottom of the graph until the last minute. You don't want random bystanders (me) getting the opportunity to pick up hundreds of NO shares for pennies on the dollar, and with them, a huge incentive to inject as much entropy as possible the moment a pattern gets going.
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Lesson learned
I think NO. I also asked two friends not on Manifold and got NO from both.
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hey! looks more like that emoji now ;)
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does it have to look proportionally like an emoji by market close (given the horizontal compression, etc)
@Angela At time of resolution, if I can see what looks to be a decent emoji drawn in the graph it will count as YES. The entire graph does not need to be one coherent emoji.
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We have an awesome ✔️ and arguably a 📈 now :D
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@JoyVoid Looks like mashed potatoes to me. Disclaimer: I bought a bunch of NO at the top.
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I meant ✓
It's an one hundred dollar Mani Bill.
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@Honourary i misunderstood it first, too. I think he meant to draw it with the diagram.
@stone I DID mean with the diagram sorry. I will clarify in the description.
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Seems pretty low for a pretty good checkmark.
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Sorry if someone was in the middle of drawing something...
0 0 '-__-'
They stole my spaces. I swear it was a good drawing. It looked like this: 🙂, but more lettery.
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What about 📈
i suggest ➖ :)
or ✔️