Will A Driver From Aston Martin Finish On Podium Of The Formula 1 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix on 03/19/2023?



Aston Martin Drivers:

#14 - Fernando Alonso

#18 - Lance Stroll

Will Close At Race Start [Estimated 1pm EST (03/19/2023)]

*Will Resolve At Race End [Estimated To Be By 3pm EST (03/19/2023)]

*Podium = Top 3 Finish

*If Race Ends Under A Red Flag (Race Suspended/Halted) Without Completing Full Distance Than This Will Resolve As N/A Regardless Of Podium.

*If Race Is Canceled This Will Resolve As N/A.

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@ValentinGolev post-race penalty

I'll be sure to clarify more clearly that "Race End" does not take into consideration "post-race penalties".

Had the penalty been announced and known while the race was "still running" than of course the racer would not have been on the podium at race conclusion.

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Valentin Golevpredicted NO

@SirCryptomind instead of clarifying, would be great to have the market on the actual results of the race. sad

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Sir Cryptomindpredicted YES

@ValentinGolev Understand your displeasure. I resolved at race end as stated.

I will still clarify it on future markets.
If I can remember how to make a code, I can send one to you in Discord.

I will gladly give you the 10 Mana back you put on the market along with the cumulative profits of myself and others (159 Mana) I will certainly do so.

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