Formula 1 2024 - Will Sergio Perez be dropped or replaced mid-season?
Dec 9

Things have been going rather badly for Red Bull’s second driver.

He’s regularly more than half a second off Max Verstappen’s pace in qualifying and is sometimes being lapped in the races. While his teammate is leading the championship by a huge margin, Perez is languishing in sixth with less than half of Verstappen’s points tally.

Autosport have reported that the performance clause in his contract can kick in if he is over 100 points off Verstappen at key points in the season. He’s already further off than that and it seems impossible to think that he might outscore Verstappen and close the gap!

Will Red Bull replace Perez during the 2024 season?

This will resolve to YES if Red Bull put another driver in the second Red Bull for any qualifying or race session this year (including sprint races) for any reason.

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