[Ṁ1000 subsidy] Does Rule34 hold for Iris from Tax Heaven 3000?
resolved May 24

"rule34" refers to pornographic fan art (and originally, the "rule" that it always exists, for everything)

For this to resolve yes, someone must post convincing proof (likely a link) of:

  • artwork

  • which clearly depicts the character Iris from the visual novel/tax prep software/art installation Tax Heaven 3000 https://taxheaven3000.com/

  • showing nipples, vagina, or otherwise obviously "NSFW"

  • which was posted before this market was created (opening up mspaint and creating it because of this market is funny, but not what I'm trying to incentivise)

Notably, it does not need to be "good" artwork

If you are posting links to NSFW content in the comments (whether as part of discussion or to resolve the market), please put a clear warning and base64-encode the link.

I may bet on this market, including buying NO as incentive.

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The following links to an image containing bare breasts


This was created after the market, so the market still resolves no. Sorry for the delay.

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@Shelvacu praise the Lord

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I have no idea who you're talking about but I BELIEVE

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Say, for the sake of argument, that someone at MSCHF (the game's developers), or perhaps an artist commissioned by them, made concept art of Iris. Possibly they made as-yet-unreleased NSFW concept art...

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@NicholasKross That would be very interesting indeed.

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@NicholasKross Also it would be important to divulge any market-resolving information before the market closes in ~9hr but honestly I have no idea what you were trying to say with this comment

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@Shelvacu I only brought it up as a possibility. (As a rule-of-thumb, I hate and don't use "would be shame if something were to happen to you <implied threat>" wording for anything. When I say "for the sake of argument", I literally mean "imagine this".).

I was kinda hoping you might be secretly hiding that, or (more likely) that someone else would find out who did the game's art and ask them on Twitter/Deviantart/whatever.

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Even tho it won't count I'm currently training stable diffusion to create iris rule 34 just for laughs

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@jeremiahsamroo why did I say laughs, I meant closure

Most coherent 4 am thoughts

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@jeremiahsamroo any success?

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@Shelvacu I've gotten some okay ish results training a base model, but it doesn't seem to be cooperative in removing clothes even though I'm using a checkpoint designed for that. I started trying inpaint yesterday, wasn't getting the results I wanted. Will probably give it another stab tonight. I've invested too much time now to give up

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@jeremiahsamroo I've spent maybe 2 & 1/2 to 3 hands-on hours on this. A lot of time spent engineering the prompt to be hyperspecific before I decided to start training a LORA on her likeness. Ofc, I have only done a few AI generations in the past, but this experience is teaching me that those who trivialize AI art can fuck off lmao

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@jeremiahsamroo my gf @noumena has successfully set up an AI porn generator using stable diffusion in some docker container on aws, perhaps has tips. She hasn't touched it in a few weeks tho :<

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@Sinclair thanks for reminding me about this. I finished training the Lora and then did nothing with it. I'll take another look after my vacation ends.


<baseless-accusation> @BrendanFinan already has the link but is waiting until near the end of the market when there's more no mana to reveal it</baseless-accusation>

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@Shelvacu I actually just misread the "posted before this market was created" condition. M$110 blunder

Your tax princess is in another castle, chief

I scoured the web for about an hour and there are rule34 images of her, but nothing revealing or clearly NSFW, just sexy.

I'm assuming cosplay doesn't count?

@jeremiahsamroo I'd totally commission low quality artwork to manipulate this market if I could lmao.

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@jeremiahsamroo Correct, cosplay doesn't count (though I didn't see any of that either)

And yeah, that was about my experience. There's a few pieces of fan art but nothing actually NSFW. Usually I can explain away exceptions to rule34 as just the thing isn't popular enough, but that doesn't seem right for th3k.

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@Shelvacu I think the popularity explanations is plausible. The game's been featured in a lo of headlines that extremely-online people like us would've heard. But to get fanart, the game needs lots of people who actually play it, and/or needs to be so well-known that an R34 artist makes art regardless of whether they've played it. Neither really happened.

How does this resolve if someone links erotic fan fiction?

@JohnSmithb9be It's art, but not artwork per-se so my guess would be no. Obviously against the spirit of this market given "showing nipples, vagina, or otherwise obviously "NSFW"".

predicted NO

Correct, a written work (while I would be curious if they exist) would not resolve this market

a bounty for satisfying your very specific porn tastes, disguised as a market? i’ll allow it.

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