How many people will I meet at Manifest who will demonstrate they can speak toki pona better than I can?
resolved Sep 25
(1) I'll meet one person
(0) I won't meet anybody like that
(2) I'll meet two people
(3+) I'll meet three or more people

I can easily tell you the definition of every toki pona word in ku, but I struggle to understand actual toki pona, to actually put the pieces together. When I do it's pretty slow.

I'm not going to give some strict test, but anyone I meet who wants to increment the number here will likely have to read some toki pona in front of me and then tell me what it means faster than I can figure it out, or something like that. Pretty vague. I suspect anyone who started after this market was created would not be able to pass this bar.

I may bet on this market, and keep in mind that those who know toki pona and plan to meet up with me may also bet on this market.

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@SG gets an honorable mention for having his own constructed language based on toki pona. Doesn't count for the market unfortunately.

I spoke with conflux, it was fairly clear that @Conflux's skills are more rusty than mine. I can confidently order so far:

  1. a pseudonymous person

  2. me

  3. conflux

tenpo pini la mi kama sona pi toki pona. tenpo ni la mi sona ala li ni: mi sona pi toki pona anu seme?

the person responsible for getting the Berkeley rats into Toki Pona will be going to manifest. but they are a very secretive person so you may not even know u_u

Anecdata: I'm a Manifolder and a jan pi toki pona. I won't attent the Manifest, but, like, it's already two of us interested in the language, so maybe there's someone else!

@wadimiusz toki! mi toki pona tawa ni: jan li wile e sona pi toki pona. sina pilin seme la nasin ni li pona

@Shelvacu jan pona o, toki pona li pona mute tawa mi. taso la mi pilin e ni: jan lawa pi ma Manifold li toki e ni: o kepeken ala e toki ante! o kepeken e toki Inli taso!

ni li ike mute tawa mi. taso la mi wile ala weka.

[Friend, I really like toki pona, but I think I remember a Manifold moderator saying that only English is allowed here because they can't check comments that aren't in English. I really dislike this but I don't wanna get banned!]