Will Firefox include a chatbot at end of 2024?

Meaning at point of market close - not "at any point before market close".

"End of 2024" in PST, where Mozilla is headquartered.

To count, it has to fulfill these criteria:
1. Must be officially endorsed by Mozilla as the main Firefox chatbot (not just an extension).
2. Must be accessible from the homepage/search, without having to go to a website.
3. Must be available to a majority (>50%) of the general public in at least one country. Available meaning that if they do whatever steps that Mozilla requires (making an account, verifying phone number) they can access it from the Firefox home page.
4. Must be a CHATbot: the AI needs to remember what you've previously said in a conversation. Summarizing what you search doesn't count unless you can pull up a window and talk back and forth, with it remembering context.

It does NOT need to be powered by an LLM, as long as it meets these requirements.

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