Will Zvi endorse a presidential candidate in 2024?
Dec 31

Resolves YES if @ZviMowshowitz posts a public endorsement of a presidential candidate, primary or general, in 2024.

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"Yes, this is the person the White House put in charge of many of its AI efforts, although that was before Dead Reckoning, and is also the person those who want reasonable AI policy are going to have to hope wins the next election, given Trump has already stated his intention to revoke the executive order on AI." - Zvi,

Pretty close to a resentful endorsement already.

Would he have to say "I endorse this candidate" or is "I I voting X as the least worst option" count?

@LachlanMunro it's not sufficient for him to state how he is voting. It must be clearly intended to sway other votes.

I don't think he's ever done that before, and I don't think 2024 is likely to have candidates who'd make him change that.

@ShakedKoplewitz Then again, looking at Don't Worry about the Vase's archives, Zvi has only really been blogging since 2015 (except for one post in 2011). He tangentially reacted to the 2020 election by discussing the associated markets and didn't react to the 2016 election. So I don't think the track record is very strong indicator against this.