Will Manifold Markets offer a public API that allows commenting by July 1st, 2022?
resolved Jul 1
This will resolve YES iff the APi is: publicly available, official, and documented.
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No particular use case in mind. If someone (probably not me) wanted to make an alternate front-end, it would be a pretty necessary feature. On the other hand, it seems to open some doors to abuse, or at least open them a bit wider. (I bought NO mostly on the assumption that thinking those issues through will take more than a month.) And I of course agree that market creation and betting are higher priority for having an API.
I think after market create and bet API, this would be the third most important one. cc @mqp Curious, did you have a use case in mind for a public commenting API?
@Austin I would be looking for a way to either update the description of my market via the API or to comment via the API in order to automate updates to open markets I've created. Ex: https://manifold.markets/Charlie/will-i-do-seven-or-more-pomodoros-o
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If Manifold create API capable of leaving comments, it will still be public two weeks later? https://manifold.markets/JonathanNankivell/if-manifold-create-api-capable-of-l
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*will it