will the scarlet maintain a daily language study streak throughout 2024?
Dec 31

daily language streak is defined as spending a minimum of 10 minutes every single day in 2024 studying any non-english language

studying is defined as any kind of priming (anki, duolingo, etc) or immersion activity (watching a TV show, watching a movie, reading a book, listening to a podcast, playing a game, speaking/listening, etc)

reasonable exceptions will be made in the case of serious illness or incapacity, but not for forgetting or otherwise failing to prioritise

study will be tracked using a time tracking tool (currently toggl), and I intend to publish at least summary reports on a regular cadence

I am loosely following the refold method and resources to learn japanese and chinese, in addition to reinforcing and expanding my german. other languages I am cursorily interested in include swedish and dutch

so far in 2024 I have averaged 1h21m of tracked study time per day, with a current high of nearly 4h and a low of 50m

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Oh good, someone else made the odds no longer 69%, I can now bet on this again without disrupting the funny number XD

good luck!

Have you already been studying a language daily before 2024 ? (If yes, how long ?)

@Mich yes, on and off for the last 3–4 years with my longest duolingo streak (with freezes used) in that time being 563 days

bought Ṁ19 YES from 42% to 50%