Will I successfully meditate on each of the next 3 days?
resolved Apr 21

I have been trying to learn to meditate for a year. When I do it successfully, even for brief periods of time, it is very rewarding, but I am pretty bad at it. I have had two successful sessions this month. This market resolves YES if I believe I have successfully meditated on April 18, April 19, and April 20.

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If one perceives meditation as an activity at which one can succeed or fail, then one has failed from the onset. </sarcasm>

In this comment, I will list all attempted sessions, their duration, and whether I consider them to be successful.

10:30 AM: 11 minute attempt, failed
9:54 PM: 20 minute attempt, with a few minutes of success
10:39 PM: 8 minute attempt, failed

11:46 AM: 10 minute attempt, success

12:18 PM: 11 minute attempt, success

9:05 PM: 40 minute attempt, success

8:00 AM: Several <5 minute attempts, failed
I am unlikely to have time to make attempts for the rest of the day; this market is almost certainly going to resolve NO.

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Ok, I should actually probably not trade on this market since I can directly influence the outcome.

@SaviorofPlant It’s ok to commit to only buying yes as long as you make whatever commitment ahead of time.

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What on earth is an unsuccessful meditation?

@sanyero Sitting there thinking, not really directing attention at all. This is arguably successful "insight meditation" or "mindfulness meditation" if the thoughts are properly directed, but I am specifically trying to focus on a single thing for an extended period of time and shoot down all other thoughts, which I find challenging (but not impossible).

@SaviorofPlant Even people that mediate a lot cannot have zero thoughts. Thought and sense information arises and passes. You cannot 'successfully' meditate.

@NathanaelRea You cannot have zero thoughts, but you can try very hard to focus on one thought, and to prevent random thoughts that arise from directing your attention. Sitting with your legs crossed and thinking about your day for 30 minutes is not really meditation in any sense, and that is the distinction I am trying to capture here.