What will happen in the courtroom during Trump's Manhattan trial? [ADD ANSWERS]
Jul 16
The jury will find Trump not guilty of at least one of the 34 felony counts
Jury deliberations will take at least three days
Jury deliberations will last less than one full day
Joe Biden will be mentioned
The defense will ask that Trump be charged with a misdemeanor instead of a felony
Trump will violate the gag order again on May 15 or later and be punished with another fine
The defense will present an excerpt from one of Michael Cohen's books as evidence
Trump will be asked to be silent after speaking out of order during Michael Cohen's testimony, or his lawyers will be asked to keep him silent
Trump will have a different lawyer at the end of the trial than at the start
Another recording of Trump and Cohen speaking will be presented as evidence on or after May 7
A Trump tweet will be presented as evidence by the defense
The defense will present any recording of Trump as evidence
Any witness will appear remotely
A member of Trump's family will testify
Melania Trump will attend
Any official or acting Trump cabinet member will testify
Trump will storm out during proceedings
At least four witnesses will present firsthand knowledge that Trump intentionally falsified business records
A witness mentions foreign interference in the election
A juror will appear to fall asleep

Tweets from a reporter seeing the trial in person are sufficient to resolve answers. Transcripts can also be found here: https://ww2.nycourts.gov/press/index.shtml

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This can resolve no, thanks.

@ClubmasterTransparent The defense is cross-examining Cohen, but he is still a witness that the prosecution has called, so we are still in the "prosecution calls witnesses" phase of the trial. Should probably have been more clear about what this meant as "the prosecution will call their last witness" is a plausible interpretation of that answer

@SaviorofPlant Thanks. I thought it meant literally CALLING witnesses, as in, saying “The People call Wetness X.” If Cohen is the last prosecution witness then prosecution is not going to call any more witnesses. Agree that we are still in “prosecution witnesses” stage and not yet at “defense can call witnesses” stage.

@Kolyin What did you mean by this? I can edit the response still

@SaviorofPlant I have no memory of writing that at all! I think I must have accidentally entered a new answer while searching for "Melania," to see the market on her appearance.

@Kolyin Nobody has bet on it yet, so if you want me to edit it to literally anything, I can do that and we can avoid getting a mod involved to N/A it

@SaviorofPlant Thanks! How about, "The cross examination of Michael Cohen will conclude before the lunch break on Thursday, May 16."


New options: Will Melania attend? Will defense call an expert witness?

You heard it here first! On the QT, on the down-low, and very Hush-Hush!

(for any James Ellroy fans out there)

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@ClubmasterTransparent Wow, that was fast

We are getting close with more of prosecution to go. He has been mouthing words during her testimony and the judge has warned his attorneys.

@ClubmasterTransparent Yeah, this was very close to resolving YES: https://pdfs.nycourts.gov/PeopleVs.DTrump-71543/Transcripts/5-7-2024/00099.html

This isn't enough because his attorneys were warned, and the wording of the option implies Trump himself has to be directly warned

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Trump will storm out during proceedings

Not sure if this counts: a motion for a mistrial counts as court proceedings, but it's unclear whether proceedings were ongoing when this happened or if there was a natural pause between the motion and the trial resuming. Will check the transcript

@SaviorofPlant Is anyone other than Haberman even calling Trump’s exit a “storm out”? Not all even mention it. Maybe he just ducked out for the restroom and looked grumpy,

@ClubmasterTransparent This is the only source, I will only resolve YES if the transcript indicates he left abruptly during proceedings

@ClubmasterTransparent No indication of this in the transcript.

At least four witnesses will present firsthand knowledge that Trump intentionally falsified business records
bought Ṁ3 At least four witnes... NO

3 minutes ago

Maggie Haberman

Reporting from inside the courthouse

This is a good moment to remind people that we have no idea how the jury is interpreting any of this. There is lots of circumstantial evidence that decisions didn’t get made on spending without Trump, and that Michael Cohen made a payment to a porn star, and said later it was better the story didn’t come out before the election. But there has been no direct testimony tying Trump to how the payments were recorded yet.

We're still at zero.

To clarify, this resolves YES if there is a defense exhibit on this page by that date: https://pdfs.nycourts.gov/PeopleVs.DTrump-71543/Evidence/

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