Will I get a job in 2024?

It should be a full time job. You can look at my work experience on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sanxiyn/.

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Hypothetical question: If Manifold offered you a full-time remote job today with a salary of $100k per year, would you take it?

Note: Manifold might not be around in a year if the pivot doesn't work out.

@AmmonLam If this were real obviously I would need more research, but hypothetically, yes. (That reminded me Manifold is open source and I just had a look. An interesting codebase.)

Would you tell us much do you have invested in Shinsung delta stock at the moment?

@AmmonLam I sold all my position at profit and do not have any at the moment.

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Good luck!

Starting this year? Or just an offer this year?

@RanaG A very good question. I think an offer suffices.


Will I?

Hey, Seo!

I would love to bet YES, but could you please share more info on your process? Have you applied, are you applying? What are your preferences in terms of companies?

@yehor I haven't applied yet, although my current plan is to apply this year.

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@SanghyeonSeo bought for 20, and will buy more with some updates, good luck!

@SanghyeonSeo Could you share more about (1) when you think you'll start applying, (2) what companies are you considering, and (3) how much financial runway you currently process?

@Knuffa (1) I think I will start applying in the second half (2) one company I am considering is Astral, which builds Python tooling in Rust, I contributed to Python and Rust in the past (3) as I am currently cash flow positive, my financial runway is approximately infinite, if I don't make large purchases.

I built a solar power plant in southwest Korea in 2016 with 50% self funded and 50% mortgage, after 8 years all debt is paid from revenue and it is debt free, with 20 years long term contract with KEPCO(Korea Electric Power Corporation, state owned electricity monopoly) and about 8%/year ROI.

I do want to make large purchases, I want to travel abroad for example, say to attend Manifest. Large purchases are funded from saving, my current estimate is if I don't reduce large purchases (I can, but I don't want to) my runway is approximately two years.