Will Midjourney have less revenue in 2024 than 2023?
Dec 31

In nominal dollars. If Midjourney ceases operations before the end of 2024, this resolves N/A.

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This info isn't public afaik. And doesn't seem likely to be anytime soon given how independent midjourney wants to be.

If it's unknown can we estimate by capacity or user count rates, or overall preference by artists, etc.?

I'd've thought Midjourney ceasing operations would be an even bigger YES here. Maybe it depends on the circumstances? And maybe it depends on the spirit of the question. Is this question a proxy for whether Midjourney loses its spot on the image generation frontier? Or is it about monetization more specifically, rather than how good Midjourney's images are compared to others?

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@dreev I was thinking of a world where there's a complicated pivot or acquisition. Perhaps I should have just specified N/A-ing in only those instances...

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One possible reason for less revenue: ChatGPT / Dalle cannibalizes their business.

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