I'm applying to work as a software engineer at Manifold for a summer internship or longer. I've booked an introduction call with Austin on Thursday, March 7. See their job board here.


  • At the 2023 post-EAG Manifold Markets hackathon, I created the market depth chart feature and then spent the next day tagging along with the team during their work day. They helped me integrate it into the site, and it was in production until they eventually refactored it to use a different charts library. I think we got along well and I demonstrated I can ship code? But I'll leave that impression up to them.

  • I've done two software engineering internships before and enjoy tinkering in my free time. You can view my resume here and my projects here. My most relevant project is a demo for a platform for trading securitized income share agreements.

  • I'm not the most active Manifold user, but I've traded off and on since 2022. I've also attended Manifest, been involved with the rationalist scene for a couple years, read most of Superforecasters, etc.


  • I'm a junior developer still in college.

  • They're not actively hiring right now, from what I can tell.

  • I have to return to college in the fall, so I may not be able to work for them for that long. However, I could take a gap semester, transition to part-time, or pick it back up in the following summer.

  • I haven't been practicing LeetCode. If they want to give me a LeetCode style interview, I'll need a week to cram.

This market will resolve YES if I work for at least 15 hours a week for one month, beginning in 2024, under an employment contract for Manifold.

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Update: just finished intro call with @Austin (thanks again!). I think it went well, but they're not in a position to onboard new engineers right now, so it's very unlikely I'll work for them at any point this year.