Will I use a journal/brain book (for at least 6/7 days in 7/8 of the next weeks)?
resolved May 5

This market resolves Yes if the following criteria are met. If the criteria below are not met, it resolves No.


  • I have used and updated a journal for at least 6 out of 7 days a week for at least 7 of the 8 weeks following the creation (of this market), where usage is defined as documenting todo/completed tasks, new reflections, and planning for future activities.

General Information:

  • I define a week as Monday through Sunday.

  • I use Pacific Time.

I expect usage of the journal to be recorded by commenting as such (or editing an existing comment) each day.


  • I reserve the right to record it in an easier (but still contemporaneous and publicly accessible) format (e.g., I might make a Google Sheet that tracks all of my personal goals, so I don't have to navigate to and comment on a large number of markets). Changing the recording format does not alter the record for any prior days.

  • I reserve the right to modify the resolution criteria above, provided that any changes adhere to the spirit of the market (e.g., am I actively and effectively using a journal to manage my daily activities and reflect on my personal growth?). Any modifications to the criteria will not affect records for any prior days.

  • Should I alter the resolution criteria or bet in this market (which I plan to do), anyone who has wagered more than 3% of their net worth (at the time of resolution) or Ṁ1000 has the right to request a moderator re-resolution, assuming the request is made in good faith.

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I failed this during my vacation :(

@RobertCousineau how is it going so far ?

opened a Ṁ1,000 YES at 85% order

@RobertCousineau I used it again today. I strongly reccomend daily task lists/day planners.

used mine today as well! they're nice

@Bayesian I failed to use it today. Seems as soon as I reccomend something, I give up on it.

@shankypanky :P

@RobertCousineau you don't say

Used (backfill) today.

Edit: and same today

Edit: and same today. I really gotta stop backfilling and start doing it in the morning again. I am much more productive when doing so.

Edit: and same today...

Edit: I prefilled today yesterday, didn't look at it today, and then marked stuff off as done 10 min ago. Slightly better than pure backfill but still feels like a very OP-esque move.

@RobertCousineau prefilled and then backfilled again today. Today was a generally bad and embarrassing day. Tomorrow will be atleast similar to today as I both did not accomplish what I needed to over this weekend and created a brand new issue for myself today.

I will be going back to looking at this every morning.

Edit: Used it today, first looked at it at 11:30. Better but not good. Today did go better than I expected though.

Edit: used again today from the start. Not a bad day.

Edit: used today. It was a good day.

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@Bayesian I go on vacation (vibeclipse + family) from 05APR to 14APR ;)

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@Bayesian new limit order at 60%

@RobertCousineau the more I take them the more the True Probability increases! AhhhH!

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@Bayesian true, but I'd say the base rate for this happening is far lower than 66% (my new limit order - you know you want to take it :P).

opened a Ṁ200 YES at 80% order


This mountain grows ever larger!

@RobertCousineau oh that makes me think, we could do a thing where you take a 1000M limit order on mine at 70% in exchange of me taking a 1000M limit order on yours at 70%. bc otherwise the person that makes the larger bet has worse ev and that's bad incentives!

As context: throughout my life I have at times used a journal to plan my day and write reflections/thoughts as they come up. When I do this, I've found each day goes remarkably better. Nevertheless, I always fall out of the habit (before it becomes one) after a few weeks at best.

I started using one again yesterday (in the fashion described above) and have succeeded at using it today as well.

@RobertCousineau I used it today, although to a weaker effect than yesterday/before

@RobertCousineau I used it yesterday and today (although yesterday does not count as I failed to comment). I've been a bit lazier about it than the first couple days. I'll have to be good over the weekend!

@RobertCousineau I did a mediocre job using it today (first wrote in it 6 hours after waking up). Still, used it today :)

Goal tomorrow is within 1 hr of waking.

@RobertCousineau I did use this (today), within 1 hour of waking :)

I've not been writing many new reflections though - hoping that kicks up with meditation maybe.

bought Ṁ10 YES

@RobertCousineau I used it today as well, to relatively decent effect. It's really useful having a checklist of what I'm supposed to or could be doing to come back to. Further, it makes it a lot easier to responsibly accept requests from people - I add a task for either later that day or the near future and feel much more confident I will get it done.

@RobertCousineau I used it today but less well than I'd like. I am not impressed with myself during the first half of today.

Edit: Same today too (06MAR)

@RobertCousineau I used it today, at the end of the day (filled it out after the fact). Not happy with that. @Bayesian, thoughts if it should count?

Edit, 08MAR: Same today.

@RobertCousineau I did not use it today. Bad Robert.

@RobertCousineau mb didn't see the previous one, it can count as you using it sure, and rip for today 🫂

@Bayesian used today (backfill). Tomorrow specifically, it does not count if I look at it for the first time after 08:30.

@RobertCousineau I used it before 08:30 today (unfortunately, much earlier than). Today was productive though, so yay there!

@RobertCousineau I used it today.

Edit, 13MAR: used today

Edit, 14MAR: used today

@RobertCousineau I used it today (15MAR), but was hanging out with friends and forgot to comment before midnight.

15MAR does not count.

@RobertCousineau I used it today.

Edit, 18MAR: Used today.

Edit, 19MAR: Used today

Edit, 20MAR: Used today

@RobertCousineau I used it yesterday, I did not today.