Will I create a calendar (in the next week) and then use it (for at least 5/7 days in 7/8 of the following weeks)?:
resolved Mar 4

This market resolves Yes if the following criteria are met. If the below criteria are not met, it resolves No.


  1. A calendar is created that includes all known appointments, regular tasks (e.g., cleaning, car maintenance, contacting family), and personal goals with associated dates before 04MAR2024

  2. The calendar is used and updated at least 5 out of 7 days a week for at least 7 of the 8 weeks following the creation (of the calendar), where usage is defined as documenting changes such as rescheduled tasks or new appointments.

General Information:

  • I define a week as Monday through Sunday.

  • I use Pacific Time.

I expect calendar usage to be recorded by commenting as such (or editing an existing comment) each day.


  • I do reserve the right to record it in an easier (but still contemporaneous and publicly accessible) format (e.g., I might make a Google sheet that tracks all of my personal goals, so I don't have to navigate to and comment on a large number of markets). Changing the recording format does not alter the record for any prior days.

  • I reserve the right to change the specific resolution criteria above so long as it fits the spirit of the market (e.g., am I using a calendar regularly in a way that improves my life?). If I change the above criteria, anyone who has bet more than 3% of their net worth (at the time of resolution) or Ṁ1000 has my permission to request moderator re-resolution (assuming good faith).

  • Should I alter the resolution criteria or bet in this market (which I plan to do), anyone who has wagered more than 3% of their net worth (at the time of resolution) or Ṁ1000 has the right to request a moderator re-resolution, assuming the request is made in good faith.

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@Bayesian I am fulfilling most of this with my current work in the journal/brainbook market already (I write appointments/near future goals in on their respective dates). If I write the maintenance tasks into the back page of the journal along with their interval and a tally for "Did I do it this {interval}", does that satisfy your interpretation of this market? If not, I am happy to resolve No, else I will resolve this Yes and merge the regular maintenance tasks into the criteria of the journal/brainbook market.

@RobertCousineau If it's just as useful to be doing it the current way as it would be if there was a separate calendar, then I think it satisfies my interpretation of this market. if your current strat is worse in some significant way and is only simpler to do then imo it wouldn't satisfy it

@Bayesian I personally think it will be somewhat better, as it simplifies the daily asks of myself (remember to do something -> write in calendar -> look at calendar in future -> transpose items daily task list : Remember to do something/look at back-page -> write into that days task list).

I'll resolve N/A instead of Yes after thinking about it though - I haven't done the work yet but instead I'm just saying this is no longer an applicable market.

As context: I've never really made a week/month ahead calendar (outside of work). I have a habit of forgetting to do things that require more than keeping them in short/medium term memory (outside of work, where I do pretty successfully keep a calendar and schedule things).

I'd really like to fix this! I've not researched if there is more I should do then just putting all this stuff in a google calendar or spreadsheet - if people have suggestions I'd love to read them.