Will I be able to unlock/ride my vanmoof S3 in the next 3 months? ($500 USD reward)
Apr 1

My friend recently gave me their ex's vanmoof S3. I do not have the digital key for it.

This market resolves Yes if I am able to unlock and ride it in the next 3 months. I'll pay up to 500 USD as a bounty if someone helps me unlock/ride it.

I am happy to contact vanmoof if that seems like a good path to go down, or to do mild [dis/re]assembly/electronics work. I'm willing to invest 12-15 hours in this endeavor.

PS: I pinky promise it is not stolen (to the best of my knowledge).

PPS: I reserve the right to bet No in this market.

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@RobertCousineau new limit orders are up. Extending the market for 4 days past the initial close date, assuming no one complains in the next 24 hours.

I sent this market to someone I know on Discord who worked at Vanmoof.

@RobertCousineau if he has any info, can I send him your Discord name?

@Eliza you definitely can.

Assuming other traders here are OK with it I am happy to extend the market until April 4th (when I leave the state for a bit) too.


Hammer and screwdriver, to hit on the inside of the kicklock. It’s super easy if you know the spots. Only issue is the cartridge which will stay locked

It’s a magnet system, you can easily open it

Sometimes the kicklock was stuck but you were able to “unlock” the cartridge, but the bike consider it locked due to the kicklock

I can unlock any Vanmoof in the street but you have to know what you do

Basically, you might not be able to use it as a bike, even if you get the lock open.

@Eliza ahh - my goal is definitely to be able to use it as a bike. I was sort of hoping there be something like the below sequence I could do:

  1. Open bike

  2. Wipe/Replace storage drive

  3. Remove battery

  4. Remove CMOS battery

  5. Return everything to it's rightful place

@RobertCousineau That's what I was thinking also.

are you even trying? 🙃

@shankypanky I've not tried lately. I am happy to bring you the bike!

predicts YES

bring me the bike.

Didn’t vanmoof go bankrupt and the ip got sold to to mclaren or something! You can’t get tech customer support!

Who has the digital key, and why would you not contact Vanmoof?