Which movie will I prefer: Everything Everywhere All At Once or Poor Things?
Apr 23
Poor Things52%

The market resolves to which movie I prefer, after watching both.

I've watched neither yet.

@Joroth prefers EEAAO, @shankypanky prefers Poor Things.

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When is this going to be resolved? It's been so long

@AbilAbraham2816 @RobertCousineau still hasn't watched EE but he was also away for a couple of weeks. I'll see if I can arrange a watch party soon

Both, all at once.

it's been an unexpectedly hungover Sunday so I've summoned Robert and flipped a coin - the call is Poor Things today ✨

also ftr: I didn't sell my position as any indication whatsoever to the outcome so don't bet based on that. I just wanted out. 🙃

@shankypanky Poor Things was really good!

I've heard good things about EEAAO too though - I would not call it yet.

@RobertCousineau She matured from a toddler to an adult immediately when the hulk hit on her. Dropping plates to scheming. It was weird.

@RobertCousineau What are your feelings re: Women

@TiredCliche none it seems 🤔

@TiredCliche in what context? I'm generally bullish on people, women very much included.

@RobertCousineau Would you say you're more bullish about women's intellectual growth or women's familial and spiritual growth? Also, when you think of something being too surreal for you, is your first association with that closer to "too abstract and inexplicable" or "too bizarre and off-putting?"

@TiredCliche I expect intellectual growth is more likely to bring us closer to my terminal values than I expect familial or spiritual growth to.

Using those words, I'd say surreal more means to me "abstract" and "bizarre" than "inexplicable" and/or "off-putting". Surreal experiences/the feeling of something being surreal seems to me to be a byproduct of evolution/a part of our emotional system (therefore "explicable")

I'm hesitant to ascrive an emotional value judgement to an emotion itself ("off-putting").

@RobertCousineau you have to watch these sooner than later - stitching this comment section together you can almost make a call today I imagine lol

Minor spoilers

I just watched Poor Things. Very good! A bit bumpy early on as I had some difficulties calibrating my suspension of disbelief. Might rewatch it again at some point. I'm selling some shares, this movie seems targeted at rationalist adjacent communities in particular 😂

@Tumbles welcome to the light!

@Odoacre I still like EEAAO better! But EEAAO is a tough one to compete with, for me, it's over the threshold where it simply ties for first place with other favorites. Poor Things really was special though!

@Tumbles okay I'm so conflicted because on one hand: he's reading these comments, stop it!! but on the other hand: what a relief to see this lol

Robert, you will prefer Everything Everywhere All At Once

big bang a teoria GIF

Robert, you will prefer Everything Everywhere All At Once

@Joroth @RobertCousineau and I have a tentative (IRL) watch party around the 21st. I assume Robert is reading the comments here on his market so all of these spoilers and hot takes are potentially influencing the outcome or at least his experience which is a bummer tbh - but I have faith that taste and good sense will prevail ✊

(and I'm willing to admit if, through some magic, my movie opinion changes btw)

@shankypanky I have been reading them, barring the ones that say "spoiler" (thanks odoacre!).

@RobertCousineau bummer. not much left for the experience at this point. except my exasperated sighs I guess!

@RobertCousineau Ummm ok uh I declare SPOILER on my comments 😅

@Tumbles 😒 it's literally a market about two movies he's never seen and plans to watch but here we are lol

@shankypanky haha, I honestly remember 0 spoilers at this point. I know EEAAO has hotdogs and Poor Things has a female protag and Jonathan Joroth thinks I'll like it more.

@RobertCousineau nfi who Jonathan is but your unreliable memory is reliable so we're good? or I'm projecting. 😅


minor update that this watch party needs to be rescheduled and @Joroth is out. @RobertCousineau needs to decide once and for all, and I gave my word to Tumbles that I would rewatch EE with an open mind...

I'm going to be in Austin and SoCal for ~the first half of April so I'm still pushing for March - I'm glad to host and if you're reading this and you're one of the Seattle Manifolk, want to join, and you're not a difficult person to coordinate days/times with, DM me.