What program/school will I use to meditate for the next two months?
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Insight Timer
Nothing (sit in quiet place and focus on unseeable spot).

I've set a goal to mediate for the next two months as I've heard it is generally beneficial to do so. I don't really know much about mediation, so am happy to hear suggestions as to what is a good school/program to meditate based off of/with.

I plan on meditating (mostly?) by myself and do not plan on spending more than $100 on materials/courses (although I have a preference for freely available information).

This market resolves to the school/concept/program that I choose to use to meditate with while performing as described in this market:

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I'm planning on going with Waking Up unless people convince me otherwise. I've not had as much time to look into this as I was hoping and figure it seems relatively polished, is well reccomended, and is prevalent in my circles (e.g. likely a good fit).

Nothing (sit in quiet place and focus on unseeable spot).

I don't recommend this for someone without meditation experience or an existing practice.

@shankypanky duly noted!

Just listen to Igorrr albums on loop, I recommend Hallelujah

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Insight Timer? Headspace? Calm?

@snazzlePop I can't say I know much about any of them - feel free to add as answers where applicable (and write a sentence on why you think they're cool if so desired).


I’ve been using this for meditation/concentration/relaxation music for years, recommended. I think they have a free trial?

@NcyRocks That looks pretty cool!

Waking Up https://www.wakingup.com/

This book / audio series / app (which ever format you choose, it's similar content) is very nice. It breaks meditation with a lot of clarity and minimal woo.

@Cedar I'll take a look at that! Planning on reading through some lesswrong posts on mediation this weekend and figuring out what my thoughts on it (meditation as a whole) are.

@RobertCousineau Waking Up is Sam Harris' app/site and you can get a 30 day trial. There are courses/series or one-offs, and it includes walking meditations. You can check it out in-app without signing up iirc.

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