If I purchase an unlimited search subscription for search engine Kagi, will I be happy I did 1 month later?
resolved Dec 6

I've debated purchasing a $10 per month subscription to Kagi.

I'm wondering what the market thinks the odds are I will be happy with it if I do.

I will purchase the subscription if this market stays above 75% for at least one day. Then, I will make it my default search engine on my phone and desktop(s). Assuming I do not hate it, I will keep it that way for a full month. At the end of the month, if I re-up my subscription I will resolve this market yes. If I do not, I will resolve this market no.

I'm financially pretty secure - ($10) a month is not a noticeable change to my budget. I do hate having subscriptions though.

For reference, the current subscriptions I pay for (outside of utilities) are:

  1. ChatGPT

  2. Amazon

  3. Hulu/HBO/etc (shared with family)

  4. Netflix (shared with family)

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I tried it a while ago and didn't love it should i try it again?

predicted YES

@Cal3b don't bother

As it stands I currently expect to renew; the search has been downright functional!

@RobertCousineau wait, this resolves at the end of the Year or the end of Nov (or some other date)? I'm confused.

Have you also used the Arc browser, and if so, did you like it?

@firstuserhere I have not; I have a habit of simping for Firefox to an unhealthy degree.

@RobertCousineau this resolves 1 month after when I started my Kagi search subscription (renewal day). I finally bought the subscription 06NOV, so I assume that'll be 06DEC. Question updated accordingly.

So the market is whether you renew the sub not whether you're happy you had it for a month - right?

@shankypanky correct - I guess while writing it I assumed there were no worlds I was happy with it yet would not keep the subscription.

@RobertCousineau got it - I've had subs that I have felt like "okay we had a good run and I'm happy I tried it but I'm going to go on to something else now" so just checking :)

I've been using Kagi for several days now - it works much better than DDG. I've !g'ed maybe 3 times so far..

bought Ṁ40 of YES

I find with DDG, Brave and Kagi the saving grace is being able to add "!g" to a search and switch to Google. So far Kagi has been great, and I only have really needed to use Google for either very novel info or question-like queries (which I'm increasingly switching to Perplexity AI or ChatGPT for)

PS: if you post what you love/hate about Kagi, I'm likely to obsess about it once I use it.

As a heads up, I made this market right after getting fed up with consistently garbage results from DDG and changing back to Google, after having it as my default search engine for around 3 months.

bought Ṁ1 of NO

@RobertCousineau You seem like someone who is likely to be experienced with different search engines. What are your opinion on metaphor.systems and meta search engines like searx?

@SavioMak I am not as experienced as you thought - I just read HN enough to know that there are alternatives to Google/Bing/DDG. I'll make sure to try metaphor and searx though.

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