During which week(s) will @shankypanky feel like the sEAttle Manifold Meetup is not rushed/haphazard?
25MAR2024 - 01APR2024
18MAR2024 - 24MAR2024
11MAR2024 - 17MAR2024
04MAR2024 - 10MAR2024

Each answer in this market resolves Yes if @shankypanky feels that the Seattle Manifold Meetup organization was not haphazard and/or rushed.

They will resolve No if she feels that the meetup was rushed and/or haphazard.

They will resolve N/A if there was no meetup or she did not attend.

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fwiw: I won't do anything to shift this market or influence my opinion, including holding any positions or making attempts at event organising. Robert feels certain about keeping the Meetup going, so he'll need to pick it up from here and I'll give my honest opinion each week in March so this market can resolve.

@shankypanky thoughts on what I should do with today?

@RobertCousineau I don't know what you mean?

@RobertCousineau ohh wait, N/A

@shankypanky do you generally feel like the sEAttle manifold meetups are often rushed/haphazard?

@Bayesian the worst part of someone else making a market about you is you have to just sit and stare longingly at all of the alpha sitting on the table 😫

(also: yes)

opened a Ṁ1,000 11MAR2024 - 17MAR2024 YES at 85% order

@shankypanky for what it is worth I think you should be allowed to bet on this - I trust you to judge annoyance relatively impartially.