Will Donald Trump be the Republican presidential nominee for 2024?
Sep 1
Will Donald Trump be the Republican presidential nominee for 2024?
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Order for trump lovers @ 74%. Might change my mind, get in quick

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@Gen Any better odds than 74%?

@MartinRandall Put a limit up, I might be interested

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@Gen m10,000 yes @ 66% available for 24 hours.

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@MartinRandall The order is still there.. slowly being filled

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In Trump's mind, he's already won
2024, he's just having fun
But the GOP may tire
Of his constant desire
To be the one who's always number one

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Latest Election Odds Candidate Latest Election Odds Implied % Chance Donald Trump +300 25% Joe Biden +500 16.7% Kamala Harris +1000 9.1% Ron DeSantis +500 16.7% Nikki Haley +2000 4.8% Pete Buttigieg +2500 3.8% Mike Pence +1600 5.9% Elise Stefanik +4000 2.4% Dwayne Johnson +5000 2%
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82%? I wouldn't even put 82% on Trump running, much less running and winning the nomination.
@TheSkeward ur in fantasyland. Trump is GOP god. See 2020 R primary.
I put a 95% chance of Trump winning the presidency in 2024
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@EnopoletusHarding 2020? Are you talking about the year Trump became the first US president to lose re-election since Bush Sr? He's still really popular in the GOP, but he's not all-powerful. Georgia is a good example of that; his preferred candidate (Perdue) got absolutely destroyed.
@MattP "he's not all-powerful" Oh, certainly true. His endorsement boosts the relevant candidate by about ~10 points. But there's not going to be a credible challenger to Trump in 2024 in the R primary. They'd get destroyed. The hard anti-Trump constituency is only about 15% of the R party: https://today.yougov.com/topics/politics/trackers/donald-trump-favorability?crossBreak=republican
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I mean there's a good chance, but I don't think it's higher than 50/50.
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If Trump chooses to run, he will almost certainly be the GOP nominee.

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