Will Bitcoin fall below $25,000 by the end of May?
Jun 1
M$389 bet
May 14, 5:41pm: to clarify, this resolves as True if the price of Bitcoin is ever below $25,000 for any day before June 1 (when you check the next day) according to the chart that comes up when you Google “Bitcoin price.” May 14, 5:44pm: to further clarify, price points below $25k before this market was created do not count.

Milli Onaire 11 days ago

I think this needs more specification. Does this mean that the price is <$25k on May 30 or that it moves below that value at some time between market creation (when?) and then?

Richard is betting YES at 53% 11 days ago

@MilliOnaire I added to the description to clarify.