Will the #2 Boston Celtics win the 2023 NBA Eastern Conference Finals against the #8 Miami Heat?
resolved May 30

This will resolve as soon as a series winner is determined (which occurs after one team wins four out of seven games). Since each game ends late at night, I will probably resolve it the following morning.

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Trongbought Ṁ100 of YES

I know nothing about football but that's okay because this is basketball.

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Sir Cryptomindpredicted NO at 73%

Well well well, Game 7 it is. 😭

SirCryptomind avatar
Sir Cryptomindpredicted NO at 73%

This series has crapped all over my chance of getting "Diamond" rank. 😂

SirCryptomind avatar
Sir Cryptomindpredicted NO at 25%

@jeremiahsamroo Daaammnn, there goes the kickout for corner 3s, Jimmy Butler better put up a 50 piece and close this out...I'm sure the refs will be whistle happy against the Heat tonight.

jeremiahsamroo avatar
Jeremiah Rpredicted NO at 25%

@SirCryptomind fwiw I think they'll win it all anyway but I'm always down for spreading FUD

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Sir Cryptomindbought Ṁ1,000 of NO

Teams Trailing 3-0 In A Series Are 0-150 All time, most recently being the Lakers being swept by the Nuggets 2 nights ago.

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TobyBWbought Ṁ95 of YES(edited)

@SirCryptomind Yeah I'm surprised that this is so high given that no NBA team has ever overcome a 3-0. But now my position is net 0, so I'd be excited to see the Celtics break that record.

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Sir Cryptomindpredicted NO at 25%

@TobyBW The NBA Commissioner, TNT, ESPN/ABC would also 😂 ( you know ESPN/ABC & NBA Front office ALLLL wanted Lakers/Celtics for the ratings boost, I would bet Heat/Nuggets pull like 70% of what they expected with Lakers/Celtics, maybe less.)

TravisBaker avatar
Travisbought Ṁ1 of YES

@TobyBW Most of those 3-0 winning teams were in situations where they had home court against a clearly inferior opponent. I feel like it won't be as easy for Miami to finish it off.

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Semiotic Rivalrypredicted YES at 25%

@TobyBW The sportsbooks actually have this higher, at around 30%.

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