Will I reach my weight goal by beginning of June 2024?
May 31

My weight goal is 105 kg. This market resolves to yes, if I weigh less than or equal to 105.0 kg on 2024-06-01 (CET). My starting weight is 111.7 kg (on 2024-02-04).

I plan to loose weight by:

1. Eating a little less. Right now I eat like I'm still a teenage boy. I need to realize I'm a 30-something woman now. Not gonna count calories or anything. But I'm going to be more conscious about how much I eat.

2. I'm going to start biking to work again. Every winter I stop biking because of the winter weather. But it's been above freezing for a little while now, and my bus card is about to expire, so it's time.

3. Start exercising. I want to try some different things, weight training, yoga, running. I want to see what will work for me.


2024-02-04: 111.7 kg (starting weight)

2024-02-11: 111.6 kg

2024-02-18: 110.4 kg

2024-02-25: 110.2 kg

2024-03-03: 109.2 kg

2024-03-10: 109.9 kg

2024-03-17: 109.9 kg

2024-03-24: 109.1 kg

2024-03-31: 110.3 kg

2024-04-07: 109.8 kg

2024-04-14: 108.8 kg

2024-04-21: 108.5 kg

2024-04-28: 108.8 kg

2024-05-05: 109.5 kg

2024-05-12: 108.6 kg

2024-05-19: 110.3 kg

2024-05-26: 110.2 kg

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Only one more week and then it's over.

I don't think it's going so well.

You could really shake up this market if you get prescribed the medication mounjaro.

Didn't follow the plan as well as I wanted this week. It's been another busy, stressful week at work. Better luck next week.

Unsure how well my new strategy is working. It went well in the beginning of the week, but then I started eating less salad, got hungry and ate more regular food. I ate too much yesterday. I'm gonna try again in the coming week.

I'm finally below 109 kg. I think maybe I've figured things out now. What I eat is more important than exercise. I still bike to work so I still get plenty of daily exercise to keep my body moving, but what I eat will now be the main focus.

I'm going to try to follow some of the advice from the video "Evidence-Based Weight Loss: Live Presentation" by NutritionFacts.org. To that end, I'm going to eat more foods that are low in energy density, such as salads, raw fruit and berries, and cooked vegetables.

So, this week I focused on the input side of the problem instead of the output. I counted how many times I had a snack or ate extra food. I did that about 7 times this week, I think that's where I could make some changes, so for next week I'll focus on that.

I don't know if I'm making progress. I'm definitely getting stronger muscles though. I couldn't do a single push-up before, but now I can do 15. But muscle growth is not good for weight loss in the short term. I don't know if maybe I've plateaued. Maybe I need to do something different.

I'm back on track! Only lost 3 weeks, lol. I don't know what to write in these updates. It feels like it's all just more of the same. I guess that is the way to success, keep going even when it starts getting monotonous, and keep getting back up on the horse if you fall off. Anyone have any idea for what I could do to shake things up a bit?

I seem to have hit a bit of a plateau. At least I'm no longer going the wrong way. Worked out a bit more last week than the week before. I think I just have to continue trying until it works.

I've had a stressful week. Only did my morning exercise once. I need to get my act together. It was working. Next week will be less stressful, so that's good, but long term I need to learn how to deal with the stressful times too.

I didn't sleep very well this week, and then I wake up late and skip my morning exercise so I don't get late to work. Maybe I should exercise before going to bed when I don't do it in the morning. 🤔

Ok, now I'm convinced that this is working. Slow and steady wins the race. I don't have much to update on. Pretty much just continued what I was doing last week. Ate less baked goods than last week, instead chocolate consumption is up slightly. My dentist will be disappointed in me, lol.

Still cautiously optimistic about my progress. I missed two morning exercises, but I still feel good about the exercise. I can tell my arms are getting stronger. I biked to work all week! Finally! I love it! On the food front I have yet again indulged in some too many baked goods. I'm not going to completely deny myself life's pleasures, but I could do with some more moderation. I don't need two whipped cream and almond paste filled buns (look up "semla", delicious!) on a single Friday afternoon. I will have to think of ways to moderate myself.

If you have not noticed it yet, this market is basically a self-accountability tool for me. By posting publicly I feel it's more important.

Looks like what I'm doing is starting to pay off. I will be more certain next week if the trend continues. I've kept up with the morning exercise and have now added weights to the mix. Still have not fixed the bike, but planning to do so tomorrow. I've continued to eat less, but not too little. Just keeping it more reasonable, listening to my body. I did however indulge in some baked goods. But it seems I lost weight anyways.

I feel pretty good even though I didn't lose weight the first week. I have started exercising in the morning. Just body weight exercise for now. My arms have become noodles since starting HRT, lol. I think I've been eating a little less most days, but I've also been to two events this week (unusual for me) where I ate a bit more than usual. So, on the whole I feel staying at the same weight was a good result. I didn't have time to fix my bike, and the weather is still a bit bad, but I think I'll get back to biking soon enough.