How many people protested hanania's presence at manifest by not coming?
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I would like a good estimate. I know a few to my mind confirmed, but the real number may be more.

I'm particularly interested in the ones you would call "highly engaged EAs".

I will resolve to Nathan if he tells me "I already did this data collection and I'm 85% sure it's accurate" (confidence interval welcome)

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BTW: I'd like to celebrate a component of EA culture here, in that I've heard of a few sr leaders of orgs who abstained in protest but did not forbid their employees from attending and in some cases presenting/speaking. I think this is cool and worth calling out / rewarding. I don't know if other corporate/philanthropic cultures are really like that.

FWIW I know of 3 invited speakers and a sponsor who decided not to come as a result.

I would love to know who else this was a major consideration for not attending, and what their thoughts are. I think this kind of protest is more effective if you at least let me (the organizer) know, and possible better if you also post something online publicly. At the same time, I totally understand if you'd prefer to just not speak up or stay anonymous, it's not your responsibility to do so.

I would appreciate a direct message (eg email, but nominate @NathanpmYoung as the person in this community who seems trustworthy to me if you want to reach out and have someone know (Please confirm if this is okay with you Nathan, I didn't check before posting this).

I quit Manifold entirely because of this