Will Keltham successfully identify the conspiracy on day 90?
May 18
M$1,316 bet
This market resolves to yes if, during project lawful day 90, Keltham via his own effort determines that cheliax is running a conspiracy, and resolves to no if he does not. If he is informed by another prior to the end of the day, it resolves to N/A, unless done specifically on orders to preempt him realizing it independently. Close date updated to 2022-05-23 11:59 pm

Sinclair Chen bought M$1 of NO20 days ago

I'm not caught up and now you've spoiled that Keltham has not caught on yet. I'm gonna admin-force-edit the market title to rot13 in order to make sure this infohazard is only read by level 2+ degenerates who have trained themselves to decode rot13 automatically 😤