Will Bitcoin outperform Altcoins in 2024?
  • BTC returns will use the S&P Bitcoin Index (SPBTC) 2024 Return

  • Altcoins will be represented by S&P Cryptocurrency Broad Digital Market Ex-MegaCap Index (SPCBXM) 2024 Returb

    • Marketcap weighted index of the whole crypto currency space ex-Bitcoin and Ethereum

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May 7th 2024 Update

BTC: 50.08%

Altcoins: 27.23%

April 1st 2024 Update

BTC - 65.92%

Altcoins - 55.20%

ATTENTION: I plan on changing the methodology for calculating Bitcoin's return. For consistency's sake I suggest switching from Coinbase to the S&P Bitcoin Index (SPBTC) which will have the same methodology of pricing sources and timing as the S&P index used for Altcoins mentioned in the description. I think this is the most fair way to do it. Please comment here if you disagree. Otherwise I will publish the change in the market description on April 1st.

@Putcallparity Market description updated as described

Returns as of 3/8/2024

Bitcoin: 62.8%

Altcoins: 45.06%