Will any event of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games be postponed or cancelled due to the water quality of the Seine?
Aug 11

It also counts as YES if an event is moved to a venue other than the Seine river ahead of time because of water quality concerns.


Seine River events scrapped again, renewing doubts over Paris Olympics plan

Paris Olympics promises Seine clean-up after pollution spoils triathlon | Financial Times

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Acc thinks I'm really wrong on this one, but.....

According to a report published by the Paris region and mayor's office, analysis shows the water does 'not meet the standards' set for the 2024 Olympic Games' open-water events, citing the presence of two kinds of fecal bacteria, including E. Coli.

If the river is too polluted when the Olympics kick off, plan B is to postpone the open-water swimming events for a few days – not to move them to a new location.


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