Aug 31
from a red state (per the 2020 presidential election)
a current Senator?
under 50?
someone who was part of the first Trump administration?
someone who ran in the 2016 GOP primary?
a woman?
someone who ran in the 2024 GOP primary?
a current House of Representatives member?
someone who has never held a political office?
a current governor?
a former New York politician?
no one (e.g., he leaves the race before choosing a running mate)?
Joe Biden?

Submit options for any category or group of people who Trump's running mate might be a part of. Multiple options can be resolved YES, so the groups can overlap. Options may be resolves N/A if it's unclear who belongs to the group in question, but there are no limits to how broad they can be.

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bought Ṁ5 someone who was part... NO

Is Tulsi Gabbard 'non-white'?

@HarrisonNathan I would say yes

no one (e.g., he leaves the race before choosing a running mate)?

@PlasmaBallin uncharacteristic lapse of imagination form you. Lots of unlikely but non-zero reasons for “no one” ranging from “he doesn’t think he needs one” to “he assumes power in non-traditional manner without a VP” to “he puts all the women contenders in the octagon in bikinis but this does not work out”.

bought Ṁ100 no one (e.g., he lea... NO

@ClubmasterTransparent I am happy to bet against all of those lol

@ClubmasterTransparent I suppose those are technically nonzero due to Cromwell's rule. I guess I would still count them as part of this option.

It will be one of these people:

-Elise Stefanik

-Marco Rubio

-Francis Suarez

-Lee Zeldin

@FoxKHTML That's a very unusual list, aside from Elise Stefanik. What's the reasoning behind it?


He’s been trending up with Hispanics. A Hispanic VP might break the 40% barrier. If that happens, he will win. Or he’ll go with Zeldin because he likes him personally/can trust him. Zeldin is a white, older New Yorker, just more inoffensive than Trump.

@FoxKHTML Suarez is nowhere near loyal enough to the Trump agenda, which he has repeatedly said is his first priority

@thepurplebull Being picked as VP can do a lot to change someone’s mind. And I’m convinced that he ran for president to raise his name ID for Trump.

a woman?
bought Ṁ10 a woman? YES

Most of the top potential picks are women, not sure why people think this is less than 50%

bought Ṁ1 Joe Biden? YES

In a shocking turn of events, Donald Trump and Joe Biden publish a joint press release detailing how they had a long and hard talk and realized they always misunderstood each other very hard. They announce that they will run together from here on out with Biden assuming the VP role due to his quickly deteriorating mental capacities. Donald Trump redeems himself and runs the cabinet with deep regard for democratic principles of inclusivity and progress.

Americans erupt in spontaneous bouts of joy and hold each other's hands and sing Kumbaya in the streets. The nation is healed.

@Symmetry If this happened, they would both lose because everyone would vote for whoever is running against both of them (they no longer have to worry about wasting their vote, since Biden v. Trump has gone from "the lesser of two evils" to "both the same evil").

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