Will Georgia, Arizona, and North Carolina all vote the same way in the 2024 election?
Dec 1

They are the three Southern swing states that were the most closely divided in 2020. In that election, the first two went for Biden, while NC went for Trump. But a Republican could very well flip Georgia and Arizona next time around, and a Democrat could very well flip North Carolina. Will all three states vote the same way as each other this time?

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It’s hard to picture Trump winning Arizona without Georgia and North Carolina based on polls and 2020. And hard to picture Trump winning no without winning all three (they should be more Trump than Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania) So for me this boils down to whether Trump wins which is 50/50

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The market is putting it at about 50-50 that they all vote the same way, but which way will that be?

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All trending red right now.