In the fictional universe I run, will the Walruses, Mosquitos or Tigers win election to the head of the animal assembly?
resolved Apr 16

I run a sort of fictional universe which I give my friends regular updates on via Whatsapp, focused on the adventures of a hardworking Bear "DIPLOAMMAMAT". Can you guess what's going to happen?

In a world very much like ours in some ways, and very much not like ours in others, every group of animals- from bears to mosquitos- has its own ruling body. Our hero is an ambassador for the Bears, and he is (aptly) named Bear. The Bears are engaged in an ancient cold war with Snakes. Bear, our hero, greatly strengthened Bear-Walrus relations through his personal friendship with THE GRAND WALRUS, and as a result, Bear council and the Bearish political bloc is putting forward a Walrus candidate for president of the animal assembly. Meanwhile, the perfidious snakes have nominated a mosquito to the highest office. Other forces, finding the interminable struggle between the Bears and Snakes tiresome have nominated a tiger as a sort of compromise candidate. While Bear does the numbers and works the votes, an ominous Anaconda has been spotted moving from animal to animal, presumably making its dastardly case. The Bears are in danger of being outmanoeuvred, as their system of direct democratic decision-making through BEAR COUNCIL is powerful but slow. Bear is trying to reach out to the Orcas- the major force behind the tigers- and has made some progress, but the Orcas seem wholly focused on destroying boats and their struggle with the humans. Will he be able to prevail in this complex zooopolitical landscape? Will Walruses win? Can Mosquitos suck up the prize? Will tigers triumph? Or perhaps some hitherto unknown player will come onto the field and claim victory?

EDIT: The options are unlinked because more than one could happen. I will not bet in this market.

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In a sensational and shocking decision, the convocation of animals decided that the only way to dampen the growing tensions between the snake and bear bloc was to elect both their candidates, plus tiger as a neutral arbitrator. The three will act as a joint praesidium. Will this reduce tensions or increase them? Which way will tiger ultimately go in the voting? Stay tuned.

How many winners can there be, i. e. how many options can resolve to YES?

@ML12d1 Weird compromise deals etc. etc. mean that multiple outcomes could happen at the same time.