Will my exchange with Alcor result in me looking more foolish than Alcor does?
Jun 17
M$313 bet
This question resolves to YES if, at the discretion of myself and my EA friends, the detailed notes that I take during my discussion with Alcor staff about procedures to reduce medical error end up making me look more foolish than they make the Alcor staff look. The question resolves to NO if the notes either make them look more foolish, if they make the two of us look equally foolish, if my friends can't decide who looks more foolish, or if my friends believe that my notes were fabricated. Jun 16, 4:38pm: My call with Alcor is done, and I will be sending the raw notes to my friends for judgement soon. I will then be posting my refined writeup of the notes at the blog linked in the comments.
Peter Berggren bought M$100 of NO
Currently fairly confident that we'll both look equally foolish. Also, an update: will probably be calling them before resolution date.
Peter Berggren is betting NO at 59%
I'll post them on my blog, nonmailableliveanimals.substack.com, and on the EA forum.
Will these notes be posted anywhere? I'd be curious to read them.