Aug 1

This market-determined resolution changes to the opposite (YES -> NO, NO -> YES) every time the market hits the opposite extreme of the last time (1% or 99%).

The market-determined starting resolution is NO at 99% as the original extreme.

So, it needs to hit 1% to change to YES, then 99% to revert to NO, then 1% to change to YES, and so on.

The market will be closed at a random time in July (UTC time). The random date was generated and converted into SHA-256 using ChatGPT’s code interpreter. This is the SHA-256 hash of the chosen date for closing the market (plus additional text to prevent brute force deciphering): c2c1436f6953907d135a57498f7fa2f3426eda41627382d516a8775554a63514

A link to the shared conversation with ChatGPT that generated the random date will be placed in this description once the market closes. The actual closing time of the market may be a few minutes before or after the chosen closing time.

When the market closes, the resolution will not be imminent as I will manually review the market history to determine the final resolution. This might take up to a week after closing.

OP Trading: As I am the referee here, I will not bet on this market.

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