Will RFK get at least 10 million popular votes in the 2024 Presidential Election?
Apr 16

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@PeteOh you should probably extend this close date

I just started this and I just realized that I should have added the criteria on what "a significant way" means? Well obviously if RFK wins, that is one. If he gets 10 million or more popular votes, that is another way to win. Fair?

@PeteOh Seems fine, but please also edit the description with these criteria.

@PeteOh Are you saying those are the only criteria that would resolve YES??

@Tyler31 No. Maybe there will have to be a follow up yes/no poll post election to determine if he did in fact have a significant impact?

@PeteOh Put all conditions what will resolve this market yes or no in the description. It has to be clear beforehand. Resolving to a poll is a way different than resolving to 10M/winning. So it can't just change randomly.

@PeteOh I'm sorry, but what does 'maybe this market will be resolved by a Manifold poll' mean? Either you will do it or you won't. Using 'maybe' and this criteria is just confusing. Please establish clear criteria for people to make bets.

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@Lion I just changed it to a minimum of 10 million popular votes(because that would be a significant impact). That will be the only deciding factor. It to be clearly measurable and that is the only way to efficiently do it. I apologize for being unclear at the beginning. This is my first one of these.

@PeteOh no problem, thanks for listening to the feedback.

@PeteOh Sorry if it sounded a bit harsh. There's no need for apologies. We all have started somewhere. I think it should be fine now. Thanks for adjusting. ❤