Will non-verified Twitter uses be able to vote in polls on September 27 2023?
closes Sep 26

Elon Musk has said that from 5th April 2023, only verified Twitter users will be able to vote in polls. Will this policy be in effect six months from today, on September 27 2023, or will voting be allowed again?

This resolves to YES if any non-verified user can vote in any poll on that day.

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Shai avatar
Shaiis predicting NO at 57%

Did someone say Twitter drama?

CameronHolmes avatar
Cameron Holmesbought Ṁ5 of NO

I expect there will be a period of time where linking to an external vote becomes the common practice and that this will be materially worse than the current state but much better than the $7 votes.

I'm No just at these odds because I expect it might take longer for a U-turn

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