Will I get a job by the start of December 2023?
resolved Nov 29

I've had some positive sounding interviews but no written offers yet.

I've also been rejected from ~12 jobs in about 3 weeks.

Will resolve if I have signed a written statement of employment by Dec 1 2023.

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Congratulations! I'm glad I lost mana in this market.

@SteveSokolowski bitter sweet

This morning I signed my employment contract...slightly out of the blue because the interview process sped past. Exciting news!

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do you want to keep anonymity with regards to the kind of job you're applying to / your level of education / where you're at career-wise? (if not, your sharing that info might make the market more accurate :p)

@TheBayesian sure. I have a university degree in the Social Sciences. I'm applying to a mix of jobs in government and also in tech. I'm entry-level with about 5/6 months of internship experience, though nothing directly tech related.

I've had a couple of interviews for a tech job but have yet to hear anything substantive.