Will Geoff Keighley be interrupted by yet another stage crasher at the 2023 Game Awards? [Ṁ500 Pool]
resolved Dec 8

At the 2022 Game Awards, Geoff Keighley was accosted by the now-infamous "Bill Clinton Kid". At Gamescom Showcase 2023, an as-yet unrelated "GTA 6 Kid" assailed the stage in a similar fashion. Will Geoff Keighley face a third such threat at the 2023 Game Awards!?

Resolves to YES if any number of people who are not supposed to be there rush or sneak onto the stage during the live broadcast. If they technically don't reach the stage (e.g. due to being tackled by security), but the incident shows up as a disruptive moment on stream, then it still counts as YES.

Feel free to ask clarifying questions!

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It seems highly probable the event organizers will plan a “spontaneous” stage crashing to boost viewership after seeing last year’s numbers. Will you wait to resolve this until the day after the stream ends to prevent any shenanigans by the Game Awards themselves? (Presumably, news articles covering the event will disclose the “planned” crashing, if one occurs, in their reporting.)

@Broseph If there is any serious skepticism, I will close on time but wait until the next day to resolve.