What are the next manipulations/shenanigans we should look out for?
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It has been mentioned that when there are potential exploits to be done on Manifold, we need to report the potential exploits and not exploit them ourselves.

This is a bounty to incentivize

  1. Naming potential exploits

  2. Coming up with ideas on how to mitigate certain exploits

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  • manalink scraping

    • make them more secure and able to have early cancellation

  • review rigging

    • reviews are fucked. i say this as someone with 300+ and an exceptional rating. i like to prance it around, but the system needs a complete overhaul. in the long run reviews are gonna mean a ton, and any of us who want to hire out our market creation rep to interested companies and orgs to run their research for them won't want to be fighting off fake reviews and sock puppets that have been built to seem reputable but actually lack rep in the community

  • api / backend attacks

    • trial by fire. too young of a site to have seen serious attempts at this yet

  • ip dodging (spam, mana funnels, bots, trolls)

    • mark ingraham anyone? even if you don't keep the data for GDPR reasons, you could hash it and compare with new accounts to get automatic flags for potentially sus behavior (ofc this is a moving goalpost; once this is in place there are other things bad actors can do, but it at least keeps them on rotation)

  • acc exploits

    • down with the robot overlords! err, I mean I think the real solution is still a grand suite of legitimate mana sinks so acc isn't carrying all the weight

  • non-predictive avoidance

    • I'm still strongly against non-pred being the harsh punishment it is. it needs to do half of much of what it does and it'd still be worthwhile. as is, though, there is a strong incentive to avoid it like the plague, as it stifles early users and those who like to gamble, and incentivizes finding novel ways to trick the system. fewer systems that require playing whack-a-mole means fewer demands on david's time, and I've told SG that if they're gonna hire they really need another david

Personal markets by using many other(fake) accounts to bid Yes/ No and bid your entire balance on a trade and resolve in a way which is favourable to you.
Sol: All markets public, unless you are bidding less than 20% of your balance(or net worth if balance is negative) on the market. If you bid more than 20%, It automatically becomes public.
Moderators can ban people who still break this.
Don't ban people who did it previously, but give them a warning