Ideas for giving away mana / donation
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As I try to move toward retirement, I would like to give away some of my mana. It would be nice to

  1. Figure out what charities to donate to

  2. Fun ways to give away mana

M50 for each of the top 10 ideas :)

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Fun Ways to Give Away Mana:

- Prediction Challenges: Start a challenge where users have to guess a specific outcome, and the winner gets a share of your mana.

- Trivia Events: Organize online trivia events where winners can earn portions of your mana.

- Create a Lottery: Users can enter, and random winners are selected to win portions of your mana.

- Collaborative Predictions: Encourage users to team up and make predictions together, sharing the mana reward.

- Awards for Creative Content: Offer mana to users who come up with the most creative or funniest predictions.

- Tutorials and Teaching: Reward users who make helpful tutorial content or offer guidance to newcomers.


LTFF and ARC seem like the top candidates to me given the importance and urgency of the AI alignment situation


Donation to Mriya fund is the most efficient way to save someone's live, tourniquets cost next to nothing, but currently there is a big problem with influx of cheap Chinese copies on the frontline, so Ukraninan soldires have to rely on volunteers, check ot this video(english subs avaliable):


donate to Conflux Discretionary Fund (managrams > Conflux)