Official market for T20 Cricket World cup matches 2024
Jul 1
Afghanistan vs India
Australia vs Bangladesh
England vs South Africa
USA vs West Indies
India vs Bangladesh
Afghanistan vs Australia
USA vs England
West indies vs South Africa
Australia vs India
Afghanistan vs Bangladesh

Yes = first team wins

No = second team wins

No result will resolve to N/A

Markets will resolve day after the match

I will add more matches as the tournament progresses

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bought แน€100 Answer #g309netegh YES
bought แน€0 Answer #g1yjt5d2c4 YES

Hahaha come on.

bought แน€50 Answer #g1yjt5d2c4 YES

@KevinBurke this is looking really sus. That drop from Rabada and the way SA is going about this

bought แน€10 Answer #g1yjt5d2c4 NO

I donโ€™t think they have anything to gain or lose by tanking - their group is confirmed whether the finish 2nd or 1st.

Nepal was favorite on the odds I saw before they started batting

@KevinBurke they are still the favorites, even more so now that they started batting.

@mods will need help with an N/A as match was abandoned

USA qualified for the super 8s! @EarlKelly

bought แน€100 Answer #4cw3bih5p6 NO

This is how we do! Let's keep the train rolling!

boughtแน€200Answer #crl72hxdty YES

@10thOfficial that was a smart buy, Rutherford changed the whole game here

bought แน€10 Answer #z7cxoglhzi YES

hahaha if USA ends up winning this I will be happy to lose the mana. Cricinfo gives us a 16% chance

bought แน€100 Answer #z7cxoglhzi YES

Get it, get it!

Right now those odds are absolutely skewered. I'm seeing 26% for USA!

How do they expect US fans to follow the game if our own players aren't sure of the rules themselves? Come on.

bought แน€54 Answer #z7cxoglhzi YES

Are, aao isamen se kuchh le aao. ham nambar ek vijeta hain!

@mods Match abandoned, will need help with an N/A, thank you!

bought แน€50 Answer #23goqdcj86 YES

Australia on their way to destroy everyone this world cup, it's not too late to bet on the obvious winners of the this t20 world cup.

For sure, big wins against Oman and Namibia!

bought แน€500 Answer #j1q3qikzh8 NO

USA beat Pakistan. Pakistan beat India. USA will beat India.

@P01cc7 Let me rephrase. USA beat Pakistan. Pakistan came close to beating India. USA will beat India in a close match!

@Predictor ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚USA India will be a Good game

@P01cc7 I am just getting into this and liking it a lot already!

bought แน€45 Answer #j1q3qikzh8 NO

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